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What is the SC-Holoviewer

The Holoviewer is a fanmade Ship-Scale-Viewer for the vehicles of Star Citizen.
The models used for the Holoviewer are taken from the Holoviewer on the RSI-website.
THe Holoviewer currently contains 175 ships.

The vehicles can be visited in three diffrent modes:
- complete mode: In this mode all ships are visible.
- reduced mode: This mode shows only one version of each ship series.
- custome mode: In this mode you can choose the ships to summon, by yourself.

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Download / Changelog

Version - 3.3

Patch Notes:

    • added the ANVIL Pisces C8
    • added the ANVIL Pisces C8X Expedition
    • added the CRUSADER Ares Starfighter Ion
    • added the CRUSADER Ares Starfighter Inferno
    • polished the ANVIL Carrack Exterior
    • added the ARGO Mole
    • added the ARGO Mole Talus
    • added the ARGO Mole Carbon
    • added the DRAKE Cutlass Best-In-Show-Edition
    • added the AEGIS Hammerhead Best-In-Show-Edition
    • added the AEGIS Reclaimer Best-In-Show-Edition
    • added the DRAKE Caterpillar Best-In-Show-Edition
    • added Presets for
      • all Flight-Ready ships
      • all not Flight-Ready ships
Known Issues:
    • The Updatefeature of the Launcher may not work properly
      • -> Deinstall the old Version manually and install again to fix
Version - 3.2

Patch Notes:

    • added a minimap
    • added a fourth Floortype -> "No Floor"
    • added the AEGIS Nautilus
    • added the AEGIS Nautilus Solstice Edition
    • added the AEGIS Gladius Pirate Edition
    • added the ORIGIN 890 Jump (Flight Ready Edition)
    • added the ANVIL Ballista Snowblind
    • added a new BANU Defender Version
    • added the BANU Defender Landed Version
    • added a new AEGIS Vanguard Warden
    • added a new AEGIS Vanguard Harbinger
    • added a new AEGIS Vanguard Hoplite
    • added a new AEGIS Vanguard Sentinal
    • added the RSI Mantis
    • added multiple improvments to the Thrustermaterials
Version - 3.1

Patch Notes:

    • added the ORIGIN 300i Rework
    • added the ORIGIN 315p Rework
    • added the ORIGIN 325a Rework
    • added the ORIGIN 350r Rework
    • added the ANVIL Ballista
    • added the ANVIL Ballista Dunestalker
    • added a Loadoutsystem for "custome mode"
    • added improvments on Thruster materials for multiple ships

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How to install?

You can install/update the SC-Holoviewer using the SCH-Launcher, downloadable on this Website.


To install the SC Holoviewer you need 18gb free Harddrive space. 14.4GB are required after installation. 16GB RAM are strongly recommend.

How can I fly?

With the F key you can toggle the flight Mode on/off. While flight Mode is on you can fly up and down with q/e or strg/space bar. For all Keybindings go to Options->Gameplay->Keybindings

Need more instructions?

For more instructions take a look at the Quickstart-Guide ->

How about VR?

At the moment the Holoviewer doesnot support VR, but its a plan for the future.

How to submit a Bugreport or suggestion?

You can send Bugreports as well as your suggestions and feedback by using the the form below the faqs

How to support?

You can support me thought upvoting the Viewer on the RSI-Community-HUB-page or by using my refferal code for creation of your SC-Account.
Specifying the email is optional and is used to inform you as soon as an answer is available. If you have been informed of a reply, the address will be deleted.