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What is the SC-Holoviewer

The Holoviewer is a fanmade ship-scale viewer for the vehicles and space stations of the Star Citizen Verse.
The 3D models used are the holoviewer models from the RSI website and specially created models.
The holoviewer includes 227 vehicles and stations.

You can create your own fleet or use pre-made layouts.

Important: Even with VR headset the SC-Holoviewer starts as normal version. To use VR, start a map and press "Enter" or the controller trigger to switch to VR.
Oculus Quest 2 usage information is in the FAQs at the bottom of this page

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Download / Changelog

Version - 4.0

Patch Notes:

    • added the AEGIS Idris P
    • added the AEGIS Idris M Rework
    • added the AEGIS Sabre Comet
    • added the AEGIS Retalliator Bomber
    • added the AEGIS Redeemer Rework
    • added a new model of the AEGIS Javelin
    • added a new model of the AEGIS Hammerhead Best In Show Edition
    • added the ANVIL Valkyrie Microtech Edition
    • added the ANVIL Valkyrie Squadron 42 Edition
    • added the ANVIL Carrack Fight Ready Edition
    • added the ANVIL Carrack Expedition
    • added the ANVIL F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker
    • added the ANVIL F7A MK2
    • added the ANVIL Liberator
    • added the ANVIL Spartan
    • added the ANVIL Liberator
    • added a new model of the ANVIL F8 Lightning
    • added the ANVIL F8 Lightning Executive
    • added the ARGO Raft
    • added the CNOU Mustang Alpha Vindicator
    • added the CNOU Nomad
    • added the CNOU Hoverquad
    • added the CRUSADER Mercury Starrunner Rework
    • added the DRAKE Cutlass Red Rework
    • added the DRAKE Cutlass Blue Rework
    • added the DRAKE Cutlass Steel
    • added the DRAKE Caterpiller Pirate Edition
    • added the DRAKE Kraken Privateer
    • added the DRAKE MULE
    • added a new model of the DRAKE Caterpiller Best In Show Edition
    • added a new model of the ESPERIA Prowler
    • added the ESPERIA Talon
    • added the ESPERIA Talon Shrike
    • added the GREYCAT ROC
    • added the GREYCAT ROC DS
    • added the KRUGER P-72 Archimedis Emerald
    • added the MISC Razor Concept
    • added the M50 Rework
    • added the MISC Odyssey
    • added the MISC Expanse
    • added the ORIGIN M50 Rework
    • added the ORIGIN 400i
    • added the ORIGIN 400i Meridian Skin
    • added the ORIGIN 600i Explorer
    • added the ORIGIN 600i Executive
    • added the ORIGIN G12
    • added the ORIGIN G12R
    • added the ORIGIN G12A
    • added the TUMBRIL Cyclone MT
    • added a new model of the RSI Bengal Carrier
    • added the RSI Perseus
    • added the RIS Scorpius
    • added the RIS Scorpius Landed
    • added the RSI Bengal Carrier Rework
    • added the GATAC Railen
    • added the Kareah Station
    • added the Port Olisar Station
    • added the Comm Array Staion
    • added the ICC Station
    • added a new layout -> "Semicircle"
    • added a new layout -> "Circle"
    • added the possibility to create High-Resolution-Screenshots
    • added a cutsomizable day/night cycle
    • added a new skybox -> "Space"
    • added three new ship hull types
      • white
      • hologram
      • glass
    • implemented VR support
    • added the possibility to change the scale of the ships
    • added the possibility to spawn cargo in ships
    • added the possibility to spawn ships in ships
    • added the possibility to export an import fleet configurations
      • using the Fleetview (StarShip42) standard
      • using the Holofleet (SC-Holoviewer) standard
    • added background music
    • a rework of the entire menu UI making it more dynamic, efficient and userfriendly
    • added a news feed tab to the main-menu
    • added a UI for runtime gamemode changes
    • added a new HUD system including
      • the possibility to show ship names and ship specifications
    • added the possibility to access keybindings from game
    • added a full functional start-loadingscreen
    • added the possibility to change gamemode-stettings at runtime
    • added multiple performance improvments like
      • added a new shipsystem to add more functionality to ships
      • LODs for all ships.
      • rewriting of the entire Code
      • new loading system to pretent the viewer from freezing
      • optimization of the minimap rendering
      • reduced memory usage
      • improvements on package size

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How to install?

You can download the SC-Holoviewer on this page. To start unzip the .zip file and start the SC_Holoviewer.exe


After unpacking, SC Holoviewer requires 6GB of free hard disk space. 16GB of RAM is strongly recommended.

How can I fly?

With the F key you can toggle the flight Mode on/off. While flight Mode is on you can fly up and down with q/e or strg/space bar. For all Keybindings go to Options->Gameplay->Keybindings

Need more instructions?

For more instructions take a look at the Guide ->

How about VR?

The viewer has VR support, but it could only be tested on a Valve Index and a Samsung Odyssey+ so far. Compatibility with other VR headsets may be limited or not work. Please send us your feedback using the contact form below. For Oculus Quest 2 users (special thanks goes to Myzrable for providing the workaround) - use Virtual Desktop - add the game as a non steam game to your library - right click the game in your steam library and go to preferences, tick the "show in VR library" and in the launch info type '-openvr' - launch the game from the steam menu

How to submit a Bugreport or suggestion?

You can send Bugreports as well as your suggestions and feedback by using the the form below the faqs

How to support?

You can support me thought upvoting the Viewer on the RSI-Community-HUB-page or by using my refferal code for creation of your SC-Account. If you want to support me with a donation use the contact form below
Specifying the email is optional and is used to inform you as soon as an answer is available. If you have been informed of a reply, the address will be deleted.